Monday, September 29, 2008

Trying my hand at Badane Ennegai

This was fun to do. Since I discovered this Tried &Tasted event of the beautiful Zlamushka (I guess she needs no introduction..) with her wonderful blog Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen the last time, I was on the look out for the next event too.
And again, she features a wonderful blog this month "Monsoon Spice" with an amazing collection of very original and very tasty vegetarian Indian recipes by Sia. I went through Sia's blog and couldn't decide on any particular recipe as each was better than other and each more tempting than the other. But, then when the desire for a good recipe with aubergines arose, it solved my problems. I knew where to go, and I found this lovely recipe, where , I think, for the first time I really had everything I needed, perfectly as possible :). And I even had the tamarind paste, which i used for the very first time. Until now I always used the pulp with its seeds, and got a bit too over-excited and used a wee bit too much, that I had to add a pinch of sugar to optimise its taste, but it tasted just wonderful! It will surely go into my recipe book of "tried, tasted and passed" recipes!

I did have to substitute the baby brinjals with the regular large elongated aubergines, the only kinds I get here. And as you see it wasn't as easy to handle them. I had to use a number of thoothpicks to hold them together, and turned them while cooking wasn't as easy either. But, once they were done , I just took out the toothpicks and let it simmer for a few minutes.
And because of allergies (my son's, I've just go to know of it) I had to replace the peanuts with cashews. And at the very end, I couldn't resist adding two small tomatoes from my very own kitchen garden. :)
The recipe is just the kinds I thought it would be. I am so happy to have tried it, as this was the firt of its kind that I have made, with dessicated coconut. And infact, since I had a lot of it left for the next day, I simply added some water to it and cooked it again to make a curry out of it. Sia, I hope I'm not making you tear your hair out with this experiment, but it tasted so good!

So, here goes my entry to Zlamushka's T&T Event!
And this one also goes to a wonderful Event: Sas Bahu aur Sensax Contest at Edible Garden.


Nags said...

Sia indeed has beautiful recipes :) thanks for the lovely entry!

zlamushka said...

thanks for the entry. I absolutely adore eggplants. They are so meaty and juicy. Yum, this one loooks fantastic :-)