Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is not about a recipe, but very much about food - the fish- whose home is the oceans.

I get a newsletter from the David Suzuki Foundation called Marine Scene Conserving the Oceans This is what it asks/tells us in this Issue:
" I Am Fish
Did you know plankton helps produce more than half the world’s oxygen? Or that oceans provide 99 per cent of the planet’s living space? The David Suzuki Foundation’s “I Am Fish” campaign, launched this fall, was designed to bring Canadians a little closer to the vast, blue expanse that surrounds three sides of our country and makes it possible for us to live on Earth."

David Suzuki is also this years Swedish Right Livelyhood Award (also called the Alternative Nobel Prize) winner.

Below is the IAM FISH video. I have seen the video earlier, but thought of sharing it with you.
You'll love watching this video, it is not only compact and informative but also beautifully made.
Go here: I AM FISH narrated by David Suzuki.
or here (at the Healthy ocean blog)

And for those who want to know more:
Interactive tour of the ecosystem services off of Canada's Pacific North Coast
Some more information on I AM FISH here.