Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Woodland Strawberries

Wild strawberries in my garden

Just for the memories....
Frageria vesca, called woodland- or wild strawberry, is a variety of small strawberries, which are very aromatic and strongly flavoured, but are not very fleshy, partly because of their small size. They don't always turn completely red or only partly red when ripe, but still have a very pleasant and a mildly sweet taste.
A friend of mine gave me this "Wald-Erdbeere", as it is called in German, when she came to visit me about two years ago in autumn. Initially I thought it to be the same as some other variety, whose berries looked a bit different than the typical strawberries and although they were very aromatic, didn't taste as good.
But, the next year, when the strawberries grew, I enjoyed eating these and this time Rishab too!

want to eat some too?!


A_and_N said...

Wow PG! Your very own strawberries? Thats really exciting! I am waiting for something made out of them now :)

PG said...

Thanks A&N! Well, we actually have a few plants of regular garden strawberries too - the first time this summer, but we got hardly any strawberries on them, have to figure out why.
These woodland varieties are too small, the size of a fingertip, let's say. And let's say, it is fun to have them and eat them!
We have beeen eating a lots of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries bought from the market, but my son love to gobble them away every evening. So, we usually don't use them to bake. It is more fun to eat them the way ther are. :)