Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My kitchen story! Even if it is not about food...

Yes, it is not edible, but we, myself and my son, made it in our kitchen and it turned out wonderful!

Now if you still don't is our home made playdough!
We enjoyed making it and playing with it.
If you want the recipe, go here.


Shreya said...

Hi, this is such a useful recipe! My daughter has been asking for new play dough, I should try this out soon. I really don't know if and where I will get all those food colours, and also alum. I will try this wknd! Bookmarked...thanks..:-)

PG said...

Shreya, you should get alum at any pharmacy. And food colours , you should find in a good supermarket in the section for products for baking and decorating baked foods.
One good thing (or, well, it depends, it could also be bad) about this play dough is that the dough is quite soft, much softer than the hard and smelly synthetic ones. And totally harmless.
Which , ofcourse, does not mean that it is edible!