Monday, December 8, 2008

Banan muffins - gluten free and casein free and the tag of sevens

The only difference betwen day and night right now is the grey sky during the day and black during the night. So, every now and then when I get some sunlight during the day, it makes me happy especially when I want to take a picture of my food for this blog!
Although, about two weeks ago, I saw very clear sky and it looked so beautiful. The stars shining. I had come back home late and just kept standing for a while outside, despite the cold weather, as I don't get such lovely opportunities so often. So, now finally the page hanging on my fridge can be removed, which just said "Watch the Night Sky!!". I had to wait long, first because during summers, when I wrote it, the nights are too bright for us to be able to see any stars until 11 PM. By that time I'm too tired to do something like that. Now that the winters were approaching I had hopes, to be ruined by the cloudy weather all the time. In addition, either I didn't rememeber to go out or when i did it was cloudy. So, I enjoyed it to the full on that day, watching the night sky.
Although, I realised this time that I hardly recognised many of the constellations. Only some easy constellations like Orion - which I had to search for a while, as it was already quite deep at the horizon on the eastern end, Cassiopeia was quite on top and then there were some whose names I couldn't rememeber. Now, there is one constellation, the only constellation whose name I know in my mother tongue, it is called "Ramji ka Jumka" which means "Rama's earing", it is a tiny cluster of stars and actually looks like a diamond danglers in the sky!

Now coming back to the recipe, here it is , my very special experiment, which turned out so good....

Banana Muffins

(See basic recipe of Muffins here).


Dry Ingredients:
150 g rice flour (coarse grind; gluten free)
50 g cornmeal (polenta; gluten free)
50 g cornstarch (gluten free)
50 g almond meal
2 tsp cream of tartar baking powder (partly contains baking soda too; gluten free)
1/2 tsp baking soda

Wet Ingredients:
3 ripe bananas, whipped with a (hand-) blender
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
70 g castor sugar
60 ml oil (neutral, like sunflower or peanut)
200 ml soya milk
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice

Sugar glaze:
150 -200 g confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)
2-4 tbsp lemon juice / milk / water


  • Measure and mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl together and set aside
  • Chop bananas into large chunks, add 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice and whip it to a fine puree with a hand blender
  • mix soya milk with 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice and set aside
  • add oil and sugar to the banan puree and stir with a spoon, add the soya milk and stir again to mix
  • add the flour mixture and mix quickly with a spoon
  • pour the batter with a spoon in a greased muffin pan of 12
  • bake in a preheated oven at 165 °C convection oven for 25 - 30 minutes
  • in the meanwhile prepare the sugar glaze by slowly adding the lemon juice to the sugar till a thic paste for spreading on the warm muffins is ready
  • spread wih a spoon on the warm muffins over a plate (to collect the glaze flowing down)
  • serve warm or cold

I was so surprised with the results. I felt it to be a very daring experiment on my part. if you look at the recipe, you can se that I not only exchanged the eggs, but also the flours to make it gluten free, and dairy milk with soya milk. Next time I will try using calcium fortified rice milk to the recipe.
The muffins were lovely. The picture on the top is actually one piece which I made in a porcelain bowl, as small amount of batter was remaining and I did not know where to put it. So, it was like a soft idli and it was so good in taste. we enjoyed eating these muffins, which were also so healthy, being low on sugar and not so high on fats (60 ml for about 16 muffins isn't much, isn't it?). Although, one could reduce the amount of sugar even more if you like to have it only very mildly sweet, as the ripe bananas are sweet enough. And the sugar glaze also comes on top.

So, these wonderful muffins go to Madhuram's Egg replacement event: pureed fruits , the inspiration behind this recipe.

I was tagged by Priya and to do the tag of seven sevens and finally I have done it and you can look at it here.


Curry Leaf said...

Wow, rice flour in a muffin?I wanted to try riceflour in baking,but never sure how it would turn out.There was no taste change or anything-it tasted like a normal muffin?

Vaidehi said...

Wow great recipe of muffins by using Rice flour..


Soma said...

wow this is such a different recipe! i have not used almost all the main ingr. here in baking.

Ilove to watch the stars (with my hubby & kids)

Divya Kudua said...

Hmm..muffins using rice flour and cornmeal..definitely sounds healthy..they look so pretty too..;-)!!

Priya said...

Never thought of adding cornmeal n rice flour in muffins, gorgeous muffins, prefect entry for the event PG....

PG said...

Curry leaf, it tasted wonderful! yes, it was more dense than a normal muffin, but somehow I like dense cakes and muffins and especially breads, as many a times i know there are too many good things in it. And they tasted of banana. :D what else!
this is once recipe I will keep carefully, as I am sure to make it again. Nowthat you ask, hubby preffered it warm, but I like it cold too.

Suki said...

This sounds lovely :). I'll stock it up for when I have an oven ;).

BTW, I have a question. You can reply on HnT or drop me a comment or email.
I want to make some mayonnaise at home. So what oil to use? I don't quite trust the sunflower oil we use to cook at home. Would Dhara sesame oil work or should I go for a better brand? Olive oil is just crazy expensive here, so if I have to use olive oil I'll just chicken out and use store-bought mayo!

anudivya said...

Awesome looking muffins PG! BTW, is there any change in your blog... I see some difference, but can't quite put my finger on it :)

PG said...

Anu, I haven't made any changes in the design, maybe the pictures, they are a bit larger than before. maybe that is it.

~nm said...

they look so droolicious!

Vandana Rajesh said...

lovely muffins recipes. Thks for sharing. Have an event on my blog "Baking for beginners", do chk out.

Vandana Rajesh said...

Thks PG looking forward to ur entries and thks for visiting my blog. U can send in the earlier entries by republishing them as a new post in December or Jan. Thks

Trupti said...

rice flour in muffins is a excellent idea.. looks delicious.

Rachel said...

I love muffins and these look scrumptious..I always add some spice or the other with banana..your use of lemon juice sounds interesting.