Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eggless Apple cake with Caramel sauce

I wanted to make this cake after I saw Madhuram's announcement to bake egg less cake with silken tofu. I was totally surprised, as I had never heard before that one could use tofu to replace eggs in baking. For that matter, I had never bothered to know of any egg replacers. But, then my father, who is a vegetarian, would have loved to eat a home made egg less cake, and isn't it much more healthy to replace eggs with silken tofu? Yes of course! The only restriction I have is that I have plan something like this in advance, as I don't get silken tofu locally, but only in the city centre.
I was so curious to know how it would turn out. But, by the time I had got to now of the recipe, I had two weeks of time and I usually bake only on weekends, and somehow didn't get time to bake and missed the event. But, I knew I had to bake it despite that. And I also wanted to use a normal recipe prepared with eggs and replace the eggs with silken tofu. So I did!

I used my recipe - a recipe I got from my friend- the recipe of 2's, which I have modified though to a certain extent. This time I wanted to stick to the original recipe as much as possible.
Here are the changes I have made:
I used 200 g 150 g margarine (no hydrogenated fats) instead of butter
I replaced the 2 eggs with 100 g silken tofu, whisked thoroughly with a hand stick blender
I used 80 g currents and 3-5 apples (enough to cover a 26 cm springform pan) as a topping

And I made a caramel sauce using Ivy's recipe. It was delicious!

This is a very special cake. Special.... once, because it was my first ever effort to replace eggs with something vegan and it also came out so wonderful, a big success! And special also because I feel I have found the perfect egg replacer for such butter cakes I make quite often. But, the bestthing about it is the very special flavour tofu imparted to the cake. I cannot describe it in words, but it was so delicious!
Now, sine tofu is a lot of protein and the flour contains a lot of starch, so this was a result of maillard reaction, so vital to cooking without which what would food taste of?! Now, I'm sorry if I made your mood off with my explanations from chemistry for food. I find it quite fascinating and I assume that you also find it like that too.

Now, to another sweet thing to talk about...
I was loaded with these lovely awards (and a tag - will follow soon) from two wonderful blogger friends - I feel so good saying this :) - Priya and N33ma. I consider myself a comparatively new blogger, although I was surprised to see recently how long I have been blogging now and actually feel not so new any more, but it is all becuse of you all, my blog viewers without whom it wouldn't be half as much fun.
Dear Priya, dear N33ma, thank you so much! Thank you for having thought of me and extending your hand of friendship! It makes me feel good. Tight hugs to you both!

And I got these award also from N33ma. How I love to own them! Thanks a lot N33ma!
I would like to forward these to all my blogger friends, for passing by and taking your time to leave comments and taking notice of my blog - one of thousands of wonderful blogs out there. Please forgive me if I leave out anybody's name, but it is truely meant for all of those who visit my blog, regularly or irregularly:

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Just wanted to add: I'm sorry, but I'll do the tag soon, it is right now under process here!


Soma said...

That cake looks gorgeous. I have never baked with silken tofu, but your results look very promising.

Thank you so much for the shower of awards!! I have been blogging for only 3 months now.... but I am so glad for the so nice friends ...Thanks.

aparna said...

It looks so moist and delicious. Congratulations on all your awards and thanks for passing it to me.

Curry Leaf said...

I came here to see the wonderful cake as I too make eggless ones and then read the nice explanation,esp the maillard reaction-thanks its much needed atleast for me-and saw(SURPRISED) that you have conferred these wonderful awards on me as well.THANKS A LOT,ITS MUCH APPRECIATED THAT YOU HAD ME IN YOUR THOUGHTS.

anudivya said...

Thanks so much PG! I really appreciate you for thinking about me... And the cake looks awesome, I have yet to use tofu instead of eggs.

DEESHA said...

looks soo delicious PG .. Tbanks a ton for passing the award to me .. Hugs to you

Ivy said...

Thanks so much PG of thinking about me. Although I have never baked with silken tofu before, I believe that the cake must be really delicious. I am glad you liked the caramel.

Sunshinemom said...

First of all - I like the chemistry part in food. I think it is fascinating how science governs so many things and I would rather know it than pass by without understanding it, so please keep those explanations coming for me! I am looking up that link as soon as I leave you.

The cake looks beautiful and tofu replaces egg so well you don't even come to know it - I never noticed any flavor change but maybe that is because its quite sometime since I gave up eggs. I love the caramel sauce too - looks ekdum zabardast!!

Thanks for the bouquet of awards. I may not display it soon as I am yet to set up my link but I do feel honored to be thought of whenever someone passes me any badge of appreciation!

Red Chillies said...

"Taking a deep bow" thank you so much PG for conferring the awards to me, I am touched.

I have never tried eggless apple cake before and I am boomarking this.

Curry Leaf said...

PG,sorry for being late in answering the question.
It seems that all the prunes are not plums.But all dried plums are prunes.This is as per some law passed in USA,regarding renaming the fruits for marketing strategy.Here all dried plums are called prunes but fresh prunes are also available.I think what you have may be these..There are several varieties in the market-prune juice,pitted prunes,prune paste,prune babyfood,blah,blah.I used one that came in a packet,though syruped ones are available..
Sorry if I confused you again

G.Pavani said...

cake looks superab yaar,, i will try it...

congrats on ur awards yaar..i wish u get more n more awards..n thx for sharing with kind of u pg

Priya said...

Thanks a lot PG for sharing all ur huge bunch of awards with glad to be a part of healthy n tasty PG...Thanks for ur kind comments...Cake looks gorgeous n delicious...

DotThoughts said...

positively scrumptious.. have to try this!

Rajee said...

So moist and scrumptous! Congratulations of having so many awards.