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My Oregon Pink Shrimp stories and Teach A Man to Fish 2008

Well, these are actually more recipes and less stories, but then doesn't each recipe tell a story?

Now, before I begin I would like all of you who eat fish to take your time out to go and visit the Roundup of this wonderful event Teach A Man to Fish 2008 started by Jaqueline Church, a wonderful writer (a lawyer) and very actively involved in increasing awareness about Susutainable Seafood, as you will see. You will see how easy it is to cook up some good food by making a good choice using sustainable sea food.

Now, what's so special about these Oregon pink shrimps. Well, I think, almost everything. Thanks to Jaqueline Church andTeach A Man to Fish I got to know of a very good source of information (Montary Bay Aquarium) on which shrimp- / prawn varieties are classified as stainable seafood. The ones I could get locally by then were only the Northern cold water shrimps (Pandalus borealis), which was not the best choice but a good alternative, so to say and was also recommended by German Greenpeace as the best alternative available here. But, thanks to Penny Markt (Now, if you are from Germany, you might wonder, "what! , of all the places Penny!". But, yes, Penny and only Penny - here at least) has recently started selling these Oregon pink shrimps here in Hamburg instead of the Northern cold water shrimps, which they were offering earlier. I don't know for how long they will continue it, but I find it wonderful. In the last couple of years and especially in the last few months I have seen almost all the supermarket chains offering sustainable seafood in the form of MSC certified products more and more, which of course doe not mean that they do not offer other fish which are on the RED List . But, at least I can make a choice. It looks as if there has been some realisation that the demand for sustainable seafood exists which is good.
Pandalus jordani is the Latin name of these pink shrimps. They are one of the varieties of cold water shrimps (called Tiefseegarnelen in German -the equivalent for cold water shrimps- and belong to the family Pandalidae). These are smaller in size than the warm water or tropical shrimps and for that reason usually sold as already peeled, individually frozen seafood. Pink shrimps are caught in the states of Oregon sand Washington, USA by trawl and for pink shrimps bycatch reduction devices have brought the bycatch levels to very low. Fishing methods for Oregon pink shrimps have been certified as sustainable by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Following are some of the recipes I made with them :

1) Fried Rice : I just added two handfulls of frozen peeled shrimps to the usual ingredients with the left over rice I had. Depending on the quantity of the rice and preference one could vary all the ingredients. I think all of you are experts in making fried rice that I really don't need to give you any recipe, or just ask me.
2) Bok choy with shrimps, the same as I made the last time. We ate it with steamed rice. This is a real quick fix, just like fried rice.

3) Thai green curry with lots of veggies and the shrimps:

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