Friday, June 27, 2008

Wheat flour type numbers, like 1050, 550

This numbered classification system is used in Germany to differenciate between different flour types used here, irrespective of which grain is used -wheat, rye, or anything else. The number represents the Ash mass of the flour. The number denotes in gram (g) the mineral content of 100 kg of flour after the flour is burned during ash analysis.
The higher the mineral content, in other words, the higher the number, the more outer parts of the wheat grain are present in the flour. As the outer layers are much richer in minerals than the inner endosperm. The higher the number, the darker it is and the higher is the fiber and mineral content. To make it short, the higher the number, the healthier.

Here is a table from Wikipedia on wheat flour type numbers
Ash Protein Wheat flour type
US German French
~0.4% ~9% pastry flour 405 45
~0.55% ~11% all-purpose flour 550 55
~0.8% ~14% high gluten flour 812 80
~1% ~15% first clear flour 1050 110
>1.5% ~13% white whole wheat 1600 150

This table is only a rough guideline for converting bread recipes. Since the American flour types are not standardized, the numbers may differ between manufacturers.

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Wow! You are right that they never use a system like this in USA.