Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Polish Apple cake....

.....with apples from HOME!

I had a huge batch of apples (James Grieve) from my own garden.

These are a lovely variety of apples for baking or in any form as a dessert, but as good for eating fresh or in a salad, for example. They are quite rich in flavour and have a nice tartness which I feel is a must for an apple to taste good. I don't like those sweet varieties of apples which just taste sweet and don't seem to have any other flavour.
So, to my happiness this is a wonderful variety of an apple tree I have at home, which was there before we moved into this house. It is still a young plant, maybe 10 years or so, but had been strongly cut really short as it was growing against a wall and we moved the poor plant to a place where it got enough room to grow properly. And it is growing really fast now. I am learning to take care of these garden plants, which I don't find as easy always and this time I learned a few basic things about taking care of apple trees. I always find pruning a difficult task. You need not only some experience , but also some good guidelines to do it. Let's see How I manage this time.
So, two small buckets full of nice looking apples was more than I had expected. It was a weekend and hubby took out his ladder and did this job for me. We ate a couple of them just like that and enjoyed it a lot. It was still a bit early for them, but that is how I like them, whe they are still crispy and juicy!

And the next day I baked the cake with the recipe I have made a couple of times of a Polish apple cake from my cookbook I own almost since I came to Germany and which not only taught me how to bake, but also learn German! I have have gone through many baking adventures with it, mostly successfully!
I made some changes to the last time. I didn't use any rum for the raisins 'cause of my son, and neither milk - just some hot water to soak them. I didn't use any currents either. This time I also used ground almonds instead of slivered or chopped ones. And made the cake on a baking try this time.
I also didn't add any cinnamon or cardamom to the cake this time on my hubbys request. And for the same reason added raisins to only half of the cake and the remaining without them. He prefers the cake without them. And since my 3 year old son wasn't sure if he wanted them or not - "yes, I want them..uhhh....no, no, I don't....Ok I want...."... "OK, Rishab, you'll get whatever you want, once the cake is done". I like them in the cake, by the way. :)

And the cake was a dream! I love this thin layer of "Baiser" (Meringue, in English) as the call it here on top of the cake. Nothing can beat this flavour. And with it you also don't require any whipped cream, as the Baiser takes care of that. It is a complete dessert, as it is. It rounded up our weekend meal very nicely. One cake I can only highly recommend.

This one goes to the Andrea's Grow Your Own event being hosted by Denise of Chez Us this time.


aparna said...

Look yummy.

Divya said...

The top layer looks so soft!
Lucky you!

~nm said...

Tempting as ever!!!

You don't know how eagerly I wait for your posts each day :D

G.Pavani said...

ooh! its tempting me to eat right now.thx u for sharing such a wonderful recipe

SriLekha said...

wow! that looks yum and delicious and looks inviting!
first time to ur blog and it is so good! do visit my blog while u find time and add u as a follower to get regular updates!

Andrea said...

That looks like a perfect way to use apples. What a lovely dessert!