Saturday, May 31, 2008

Banana sandwitch

In the afternood when my son is hungry, I like to give him half a banana (these South American ones are usually so huge that half is really enough), as it is a fruit, i.e., has vitamins and minerals, is sweet (a very important factor for my son!) and has calories too (important for the mom, as his weight is really on the margin). I may sound like one of those worrying mothers always complaining about how little their child eats, but just can't help it!
So, I find it a good thing for an afternoon snack.
Now that he was getting bored of eating a banana which I had already cut into slices for him. He asked for it himself, but then did not want to eat it once it was on the table. Hhhhhhmmm....
So, I had to think up of something, as always ending up eating away his leftovers is doing me no good (Need I explain?!). And this is how he enjoyed eating it, atleast half of it and then he was not hungry anymore, but that is OK! :
Whole wheat bread with a layer of a haselnut nougat creme (one famous brand is Nutella)
and banans over it.

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Aparna Inguva said...

OMG PG this sandwich looks yummy. Nutella was my fave during college. We would dole spoonfuls onto bread. Now I must go have some.