Saturday, May 3, 2008

Couscous salad

Easy to make.
Cook couscous in water (do not soak) with salt till done.
Soak chickpeas overnight and change water a couple of times before cooking it in a pressure cooker (is much faster) for about 10 minutes with salt and turmeric.
Clean the Mushrooms with a wet paper towel and cut into halves or quarter and fry in the pan in olive oil with onion, grated garlic and ginbger. Add coriander powder, turmeric, salt.
Once done mix with couscous.

Salad: I used lamb's lettuce (corn sald)-German: Feldsalat, avocado, tomatoes, spring onion, the round red radishes and an oliveoil-lemonjuice dressing (vineagrette) to which I also added roasted cumin powder.
We ate it with joghurt.
Despite the cuscous being a bit too sticky it tasted good to me.
Warning!: It was not appreciated so much by my family. So, I'll have to try out something new next time.
I still don't know how people make the couscous so that it does not turn sticky. Maybe I should add the couscous after the water starts boiling, just like with pasta. Or I took too much water.

1. Bulguar can also be used instead of couscous.
2. Precooked (canned) Kidney beans instead of chickpeas would have made a good combination with it as well. (I have previously tried a recipe with Bulguar, ehich also does not turn so sticky somehow)

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