Saturday, May 31, 2008

What does my son eat during the day

This is just for the record:
My son turned 3 years old end of February. And thi is what he eats on an average:

1) Breakfast
2-3 tablespoons of Müsli with 1/2 - 1 cup of milk,
or sometimes
one slice of bread with either cheese or a cold slice, or sometimes also liverwurst along with milk.

2) Fruits for his tiffinbox at the kindergarten
I give him, depending on the size,
an apple, sliced and peeled (very important , if I want him to eat it too!)
or a pear or a combination of one of thes with grapes or kiwi, or any other fruit I have at home.
Sometimes he may also get a carrot or cucumber, also cut into slices

3) Midday meal
I don't have any control over this during the week as he eats at the kindergarten, which I find wonderful, as he has develoed a a good rhythem and also a good appetite for the midday meal which was not always like this. It is difficult to write about what he eats as he does not like to tell me what he did or ate at his school.
He usually get to eat either noodles or rice or potatoes with some some seasonal vegetables and, I think, every other day some meat, which is usually chicken, which I find OK too.

4) Afternoon snack
1 cup (150ml) of Yoghurt with banana. Sometimes when he is hungry he also gets to eat bread or something else. Sometimes he is allowed to have a cookie or some small piece of chocolate he got on a birthday as a return gift. Some carots or cucumeber sometimes and sometimes in ther salad with the dinner.

5) Dinner
Either a warm meal or just bread and butter with some cheese, like Gauda, or a cold slice.
A warm meal could be Indian food: daal, chawal, sabzi or sometimes parantha. Making rotis is very hard on my ceramic cooktop, atleast I haven't figured out a convinient way of maing it. Another reason is that I never really made rotis as my hubby is not as fond of them. He prefers rice. But a warn meal could also be pasta, as you can see on this blog, or fish served with vegetables and either rice or potato. How much he eats is decided by him himself. I'm learning to control myself, but can't reisit feeding him couple of spoons,if he does not eat properly. which he eats readily sometimes and sometimes refuses, which is totally fine with me too. I rather not feed hm at all, but when he hardly eats anything, I just can't resist. :I

6) This is not the rule: Dessert (sometimes)
It could be a muffin or a piece of cake or an icecream. On days he does not eat much for the dinner ('cause he did not like it :I :) ) , he finishes a small piece of the cake or the whole muffin or the icecream, or half of of it, when he is already quite full.

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