Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zucchini Bread

Last weekend I realised that I had a packet of fresh bakers yeast which waas getting old and I needed to use it to make something or I may have to throw it away. So, I decided to make something with Zucchini and since I also got to know about the World Day of Bread, I thought it fits perfectly.
And how perfect it fit...! The bread was just perfect, it rose perfect, it smelled perefect, it looked perfect (well... almost!), and it was a perfect dinner for us, which we -sunny boy, hubby and me - enjoyed with some butter and my home made tomato-apple-onion chutney, which I had made on the same day. Now my list of jams and chutneys which I want to post about is getting bigger, but somehow I am just not getting the time for it. But, I plan to do it this month for sure.

Now coming back to the bread, I used a recipe from the book I talk about a lot. These were just guidelines for making a bread with vegetables, but good enough for me to be able to make my own proportions and I was happy that it turned out good. And I must say that I had actually planned to make a whole wheat version, but when I started collecting the ingredients, I realised that I had no whole wheat flour anymore, but enough of type 1050 and 550. So, I thought " well....that's even better", as that was like a guarentee that the bread will rise well. But, I will try it out with whole wheat flour too.

Zucchini Bread

Recipe from "Backen Köstlich wie noch nie (GU)"

Baking temp. : 200 °C (180 °C Convection oven)
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Proofing time: about 2 hours in total
Baking time: 40-50 minutes**


300 g wheat flour type 1050
200 g wheat flour type 550
1/2 cube (21 g) fresh yeast
1 tsp sugar
50 ml lukewarm water
200 g Zucchini, grated coarsely
1 tbsp coriander seeds, freshly ground
1 tsp cumin, freshly ground
1 level tsp salt
150 ml yoghurt or buttermilk

  • Mix both the flour types in a deep bowl and make a deep well
  • Add the sugar in the well and crumble the yeast over it and mix with sugar
  • Wait for 3 -4 minutes before adding about 50 ml lukewarm water to the yeast
  • Dissolve the yeast gently with the water, sprinkle with some flour
  • Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and keep at a warm place for 15 minutes
  • Add the remaining ingredients unless using buttermilk, add it slowly, and mix everything quickly and knead throughly
  • When using buttermilk, add it in small portions while kneading the dough
  • Make a round ball in the bowl, cover again with a kitchen towel
  • Let it rise at a warm place for an hour or until the dough doubles in volume
  • Punch it down and and knead it again throughly and place in a rectangular bread tin or simply over a baking tray
  • Let it rise again for about 30 minutes
  • make a few slanting cuts or one long cut on the bread surface
  • brush with some olive oil
  • Place in the preheated oven at 200°C (180 °C Convection) and bake for about 40 to 50 minutes**
** If the bread is baked in a bread tin, then bake for 50 minutes or
if put directly on the baking tray, for 35 - 40 minutes

As I already said, it was a delicious bread and we enjoyed eating this warm bread that evening fully and on the following days as well. And this is by far the best bread I have made so far. The crust was so good to bite into, which surely got the good flavour from the olive oil which I used quite generously on the bread. But, my journey with bread baking has just begun, which can only get more interesting. And I'm looking forward to some more experiments.

This is my entry to the event World Bread Day being hosted by Zorra of 1x Umrühren bitte.

3rd World Bread Day hosted by 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf

Update: by mistake I had published the post yesterday itself while I wrote the post. So, if you were here just aroud that time and were wondering then I'm sorry for the confusion!


Arundathi said...

That's a perfect looking loaf! Lovely! Btw, I think you are supposed to post on Oct 16th for World Bread Day...

Sangeeth said...

oh i wanted to try this bread for a long time now.....urs have come out perfect

Priya said...

Prefect the bread with zucchini, one of my fav veggie.;

Rachel said...

A perfect loaf!

zorra said...

Tolles Brot! Das Geschirr kommt mir bekannt vor. ;-)

Danke für deine Teilnahme am WBD.

PG said...

To all: it was the perfectest i have made and we enjoyed eating the last bit of it. Thank you!
Zorra, ja... das geschirr habe ich auch schon mal irgendwo gesehen! ;)
Aber, ich verrate dir was...das ist der einzige Teller den ich habe. :)

Jude said...

Good looking stuff you got there. I'd be interested to see more recipes from that book :)

Madhuram said...

Nice savory zucchini bread. I have to check with the stores here reg. the type of flour though.

Dee said...

This looks amazing, and I love that you used zucchini in you bread. I'm always trying to sneak in vegetables where you least expect it :)

PG said...

thanks Dee! yes, that is always my persuit too! sonny boy is no more the eat-everything-you give kinds any more.

n33ma said...

Thats a nice slice of bread....healthy too.